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At LACAMO our mission is to push boundaries of caring through supporting families and carers to celebrate life with their loved ones with dignity, respecting their diversity and individuality. Our vision is to enable nursing and care organisations become providers of choice. 

Nursing & residential care homes


Services that respect dignity, diversity and personal circumstances for those being cared for. We value happiness and celebrate with families and clients. It is our duty to support providers in order to ensure that they comply with the statutory duty of candour. 

Experience in complex care

We provide experienced and trained staff to support clients with emotional & behavioral issues, those with complex Learning Difficulties and/ or Disabilities (LDDs)and ill Mental Health Difficulties (MHDs). Our team is competent to carry out risks assessment,  medication for clients, enabling them to respond to complex needs such as disabilities, Alzheimer’s diseases, and emotional behavioral difficulties.

Trained & reliable staff


We offer trained, experienced staff in health & safety, safeguarding

and First Aid, who are always ready to help when needed.

Service tailored to your needs


Culture of care

Service tailored to your needs

Transforming healthcare in every direction

We support you with

  • Full / Part CQC Audits in line with the KLOE’s  & Local commissioning groups – Providing you with a RAG / SIPs Action plan

  • Supporting the Manager and providers in aspects of Operational, Strategic and Compliance Management

  • Whether this is a new venture or established service, our dedicated team will offer quality guidance and support 

  • Reviewing and understanding where your challenges are, and how you can ensure you learn from this and put in place good practice.

  • Support with Provider Returns (PIR)

  • Attendance at Safeguarding / Large Scale Enquiry

  • Partnership management/relationship

  • Crisis Management, or Mentoring systems

  • Quality Management; Policies Procedures.

  • Care Plans, Risk Assessments, MCA and general Auditing

Our team is always ready to support providers within Compliance under the KLOE Framework. Affordable and bespoke packages to meet your needs.

Our team of trainers works with you and your service to ensure training packages meet the needs of your business and up-skill your teams to ensure compliance, which in turn offers a safe and respectful service.

Ready to find out more?

We are a social enterprise with a difference that combines support for Health & Social Care sector with the provision of highly trained staff in the sector with experience who will serve you with diligence.

About our team

Achieving better health care for all

Solutions for change in health care

Its all about how we treat you

Growing to meet your needs

LACAMO Recruitment Agency supports its clients to deliver compassionate and caring services by providing short- and long-term staffing solutions across South West and Carmarthenshire in Wales. We offer a range of health-care services to clients that are delivered in flexible, bespoke, innovative and high-quality emergency or temporary solutions to meet all needs and budgets.

We provide comprehensive cover for a variety of temporary healthcare staff including nurses, care workers, and other healthcare professionals. We also provide a full range of nursing solutions to suit your organisational requirements.

More Information

We aim to improve care quality with providers, listening to your needs while identifying your requirements in order to agree on the actions to move forward. Identifying areas of improvements through our carefully designed auditing tools, whether this is a CQC KLOE audit, medication or health & safety. We don’t promise to make you outstanding, but the team will ensure governance at all levels. Obviously, with any audit or action plan, there are solutions. We utilize our team of experts and partners to offer support and solutions whether this is training. quality assurance or recruitment. We have resources available for all areas at an affordable cost, ensuring business continuity and a quality framework.


Team profile

Veronica Ogola-Noble

Has been an educator with over 20 years’ experience, supporting young people and adults to achieve their potential. She has worked as a trainer, a facilitator in education establishment and private care home settings and her work has transcended work in health social care setting to refugees and asylum seekers. Experience includes:

  • Senior caring duties managing and supervising staff routinely

  • Conduct inductions, supervision, and organise Continuous Professional Development for staff

  • Capture case studies in a friendly environment, engaging with clients to support quality improvement

  • Develop client-centered cases, tailored to complex individual needs and caring for adults with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease

  • Engage with families and carers to review care options to develop care plan and requirements for clients during their last journey

  • Oversee risk assessment within a care setting to benefit the organisation and clients

  • Advocacy and report writing to benefit organisational transformation in addition to the implementation of user-friendly formats, contributing to the quality improvement plan

  • Engage with commissioners from the social services department including social workers, families, and staff for benefit of the clients

  • Coordinating well-being assessment, cross-referrals, the support including risk assessment for children and families of refugees and asylum seekers in partnership with the Home Office, the local authority, social services, and key partners to respond to their housing, educational and health care needs in order to integrate into the mainstream

Maureen Audi

Has worked as a senior registered nurse with over 15 years’ experience in both NHS and private sectors. Experienced in:

  • Demonstrable ability to lead and motivate health care teams as a team leader

  • Inpatient care and developing patient-centered care tailored for those with complex medical needs and frail ones

  • Managing patient care for post-operative patients with short or long term illness through to discharge

  • Supervision of a large and demanding patient care environment

  • Assist and assess patient activities of daily living, liaising and referrals to other health and social care professionals

  • Developing care plan, assessment, social care follow ups and medication administration to ensure smooth treatment plans, appropriate nursing care and transition into recovery following discharge

  • Supervising, teaching, mentoring of junior staff and students

  • Ensure timely and safe care for up to 10 patients during 12 hour shifts, monitoring recovery and response to treatment while maintaining high standards and quality at all times

  • Planning, implementing and evaluating care whilst using available resources in a cost-effective manner

  • Coordinate and oversee compassionate care to terminally ill patients  and families with ill mental health to improve their quality of life

  • Assessment and monitoring of patient needs, while consulting with the doctors to provide timely and efficient interventions to patients post surgery 

  • Maintaining reports on patient's medical histories and monitoring  changes on their conditions

  • Providing nursing care to patients  undergoing a variety of surgical procedures ranging from gynecology to colorectal, appendectomy, hernia repair to cholecystectomy 

  • Maintaining the duty of candour, ensuring notable safety of patients to avoid an unintended or unexpected incident that could result in, or appear to result  in death or severe or moderate harm or prolonged psychological harm to patients

  • Orthopedic rehabilitation mostly for elderly patients

  • compassionate caring for patients and support for families during end of life phase

  • Report writing and developing a patient transition support plan

Churchil Audi

Has worked with the local authority (UK) in the family, health and social care setting for 16 years involving cross partnership work as well as subcontracting and managing budgets (£15 million+ annually) as commissioner. Worked with international partners such as WHO, UNDP, UNHCR, World Bank as a consultant with diverse cultures to support voluntary and private sector organisations to achieve intended outcomes. Key areas of experience include:

  • Performance management, organisational review, improvement plan, and quality to support the transformation of organisations

  • Policy planning and management, monitoring and evaluation form organisational context

  • Ofsted and CQC inspection framework with good and outstanding outcomes in addition to supporting organizations pre-inspection

  • Co-production and partnership work with key stakeholders

  • Design, planning, implementation and advocacy programmes through training and development to benefit vulnerable groups, namely people with disabilities, socially isolated and elderly

  •  Commissioning research and data analysis to support organisational improvement

  • Embedding and developing strategies overarching safeguarding, equalities, working with vulnerable people to contribute to individual outcomes and that of organisation

  •  Report writing, presentation and building networks to benefit diverse groups



LACAMO provides comprehensive cover for a variety of temporary healthcare staff including nurses, care workers, and other healthcare professionals. We provide a full range of nursing services for a range of organisations looking for nursing support.

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Diverse range of clients

LACAMO Community Interest Company

Our ethos is about dignity, supporting, celebrating life and appreciating diversity

We are a unique organization bringing consultants from diverse backgrounds who have navigated through health and social care and international development globally, UK, bringing onboard their experiences and applying them in real life.


The experience and skills are galvanized to produce a new chapter for the organizations that we work with. We have proved that we make it look easy in a pragmatic way to make our partners achieve the intended outcomes.

At LACAMO our mission is to push boundaries of caring through supporting families and carers to celebrate life with their loved ones with dignity, respecting their diversity and  individuality and diversity. Our vision is to enable nursing and care organisations become providers of choice. 

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